Reading Changes Lives

$1 could put a book in a prison library and make a difference in someone's life.

Reading With Conviction is dedicated to donating books to prisons in North Carolina and Texas for use in libraries and educational programs. We strive to do so as efficiently as possible, so that the contributions and efforts of our donors go towards their intended purpose of rehabilitation and literacy.

Since 2008 Reading With Conviction has shipped over 14,200 books to prisons:

2019 170 books
2018 470 books
2017 2,178 books
2016 2,017 books
2015 1,680 books
2014 835 books
2013 76 books
2012 1,574 books
2011 1,521 books
2010 1,318 books
2009 1,265 books
2008 1,190 books

Your donation of money or books can help us reach our goals. You can donate instantly via PayPal or send us books.

Donating anything to a prison is not a simple matter, and books are no exception. To ensure that our contributions make it to the shelves of prison libraries while imposing a minimal amount of time and expense on the very busy employees of the TDCJ, please make sure all your books conform to these guidelines before donating. You can also purchase new books on our wish list from, or donate cash using the convenient link on the sidebar.

A special thanks to our generous donors:

  • Jeff and Sheila S.
  • Aswhin C.
  • Krishnan I.
  • Rita C.
  • Julien D.
  • Mohammad A.
  • Jeff N.
  • Chris B.
  • Kim M.
  • Chet M.
  • Aarthi R.
  • Susan S.
  • Michael S.
  • Donna J. and Bill S.
  • Lewis S.
  • Jennifer H.
  • Chris A.
  • Todd R.
  • Robert W.
  • Dave C.
  • other Dave C.
  • Randy J.
  • Phil M.